General terms and conditions


Auctioneers: ASVT:s Trottex AB (Trottex) 

in collaboration with TR-Media and Menhammar Online Sales 


The auction is open to warmblood Swedish-born yearling trotters registered in  Sweden, as well as Swedish-registered horses brought to Sweden as foals  accompanying their mothers (Sw, mockinländare) and subsequently selected for the  Elite Auction. The sale will take place on the Internet (link to the auction site via on the auction days, 23 May to 28 May, according to the procedure  described on the auction site. 

Only traders may participate in the auction as buyers. Consumers can  only participate as sellers. 

The seller is responsible for the information provided about each horse and the  seller is responsible for the horse until the transfer of possession, after which the  responsibility passes to the buyer.  

The seller is responsible for the delivery of the horse and undertakes not to sell  the horse during the auction period or after a sales agreement has been concluded.  The seller agrees that the personal data provided (name, postal address and  telephone number) will placed on the Internet page. The terms and conditions  regarding “the Horse” or “the Animal” shall also apply where the sale relates other  goods, services, commodities or rights. 

ASVT:s Trottex AB is the data controller. ASVT:s Trottex AB’s contact  information is: 

E-mail: [email protected] 

Address: ASVT’s Trottex AB, c/o Stockholms Travsällskap, Box 20501, 161 02  Bromma, Sweden 

The contact details of the Data Protection Officer are: 

Name: Sara Lennartsson 

E-mail: [email protected] 

Phone: +46 (0)70-748 03 93 

When conducting the auction and sale, ASVT:s Trottex AB will process the  personal data required to conduct the auction and abide by contracts that are entered  into as a result of the auction and sale in accordance with Article 6, paragraph 1b of  Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 27  April 2016 on the protection of natural persons with regard to the processing of  personal data and on the free movement of such data and repealing Directive  95/46/EC (General Data Protection Regulation). 

ASVT:s Trottex AB will process personal data for the marketing of promotions,  offers, and new products or services, . This processing is necessary for the  legitimate interest of ASVT:s Trottex AB to market itself directly under Article 6,  paragraph 1f of Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the  Council of 27 April 2016 on the protection of natural persons with regard to the  processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data and repealing  Directive 95/46/EC (General Data Protection Regulation). This marketing may be  done through advertisements, direct mail, e-mail or by other means.  

ASVT:s Trottex AB will process personal data for the marketing of promotions,  offers, and new products or services, provided the data subject has consented to this  processing pursuant to Article 6, first paragraph of Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the  European Parliament and of the Council of 27 April 2016 on the protection of  natural persons with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free  movement of such data and repealing Directive 95/46/EC (General Data Protection  Regulation). Data subjects are entitled to withdraw their consent at any time,  without this affecting the legality of the processing based on their consent, before it  was withdrawn. Consent for direct marketing may be revoked by notifying  [email protected] of the revocation. Automated decisions can be made to send  marketing to data subjects. 

Personal data may be transferred amongst ASVT:s Trottex AB and other companies  belonging to the same group. As part of this type of transfer, personal data may  possibly be transferred to third countries outside the EEA. In the case of transfers to  a third country outside the EEA, there are determinations by the European  Commission that the country in question has an adequate level of protection and/or  that appropriate or suitable safeguards in the form of, inter alia, binding corporate  rules and/or standard contractual clauses. A copy of the appropriate protective  safeguards can be obtained by sending a request by e-mail to [email protected] 

Personal data in accounting materials will be stored for seven (7) years in  accordance with Chapter 7 Section 2 of the Accounting Act (1999:1078). The  removal of personal data that is incorrect or not necessary for accounting takes  place every other year. 

The data subject whose personal data is processed by ASVT:s Trottex AB has the  right to request access to, or rectification or erasure of, personal data or the  restriction of processing concerning the data subject, or to object to processing, as  well as the right to data portability pursuant to Article 20 of Regulation (EU) of the  European Parliament and of the Council 2016/679 of 27 April 2016 on the  protection of natural persons with regard to the processing of personal data and on  the free movement of such data and on the repeal of Directive 95/46/EC (General  Data Protection Regulation). 

The data subject has the right to lodge a complaint with the Swedish Data  Protection Authority, which is the supervisory authority. 

The provision of personal data is a necessary requirement when entering into an  agreement pertaining to an auction or sale together with ASVT:s Trottex AB. If  personal data is not provided, ASVT’s Trottex AB has the right to perform any task  made more difficult by the fact that personal data is not provided and to refuse  registration for an auction or sale. 


Trottex is merely the broker that brought about the purchase between the  seller and the buyer. As indicated below and in general, a contractual relationship  exists only between the buyer and the seller. Trottex is not able to take  responsibility for the buyer or the seller in any way, such as, but not limited to, the  following: the ability to pay, the receipt of messages or, as is also shown below, the  information provided with respect to horses.  

Any complaint and/or dispute must be made directly between the buyer and the  seller. Trottex disclaims any responsibility, including liability for incorrect  information, regarding horses offered for sale.  


The minimum bid is SEK 50,000. VAT will be additional, as provided by law. Bids  are submitted in SEK 10,000 intervals, up to SEK 250,000. Beyond SEK 250,000,  the interval between bids must by SEK 25,000. You can increase your bid by more  than one interval by clicking more than once before you approve your bid. The  highest bid is the last bid received by Trottex within the sales period. If two or more  persons have submitted the same bid, the bid received first takes precedence.  Trottex determines which bid was the first to be received. Only bids made over the  Internet through the use of the Trottex service count as valid bids. Trottex will  determine which bid was the latest bid received before the time expires. The  purchase is binding between the seller and the tenderer who submitted the highest  bid. Trottex will inform the buyer (i.e. the person who has submitted the highest  bid) that there is a binding agreement. The message will be sent by e-mail or regular  mail. Buyers receive a contract confirmation to be signed and sent back to Trottex. 


The horses are sold as is. The provisions of Section 19 of the Sale of Goods Act  shall not apply. Complaints regarding defects in horses may only be made on the  grounds, and within the time, specified below under the headings of  “Relationship between Buyer and Seller”, “Condition of the Horses”, and  “Complaints”. An independent veterinary inspection report issued not more than  seven days prior to the first day of the auction and an X-ray certificate (fetlocks  and hocks) must be provided to Trottex on the day before the first day of the  auction. The horses must have begun receiving basic vaccination against  equine influenza (A2) in accordance with the Svensk Travsport rules (A and  B must be completed). The horses must also be vaccinated against tetanus.  Vaccinations must be recorded in horse passports. 

THE RELATIONSHIP BETWEEN TROTTEX AND THE SELLER Copies of veterinary and X-ray certificates submitted by the seller are published  on the Internet together with other adequate information concerning the horse,  such as training status, break-in, etc. The seller shall provide films and pictures of  

the horse to be auctioned. These must be displayed on the Internet page.  The seller is responsible for all information provided for each horse. A completed  change of ownership form must be submitted to Trottex no later than one week  before the auction. The seller is responsible for ensuring that veterinary  certificates (issued no more than seven days from the start of the auction) have  been received by to Trottex on the day before the first day of the auction. An X ray examination shall be carried out to detect bone/cartilage changes at the very  least at the following locations: 1) Fetlock joint both front (dorsal-proximal P1);  2) Outer and inner heel bulb in fetlocks of both hind legs (lateral plantar and  medial plantar P1); 3) Tibial intermediate ridge (TIR) and inner (medial)  malleolus in the hock joints of both hind legs. This examination includes 8 to 12  images depending on the method used.  

The seller’s rights to the purchase price according to this agreement are  transferred to Trottex. Therefore, in the event of a dispute, the seller must request  that payment be made to Trottex, and not to the seller. If Trottex is notified of a  complaint/dispute, Trottex shall be entitled to withhold the proceeds, at the buyer’s  request, until the dispute is resolved. The seller is responsible to Trottex for  ensuring that the horse is not released without proof of delivery having been  obtained.  

In the event that the seller agrees with the buyer on an extended payment period  separate from these terms and conditions, Trottex will invoice the seller for all  costs owed to Trottex, including, but not limited to, hammer price commission.  The seller is then also responsible for invoicing and collecting the purchase price  and related items from the buyer. 

The seller acknowledges that it understands that Trottex does not check ability to  pay during the bidding 

Seller accepts a 14-days seller’s credit to the bidder. The seller bears the  credit risk in this context, as well as in other cases where the seller extends  credit. Settlement to the seller takes place 74 days after sale in cases where  samples have been taken in order to test for the use of anabolic steroids.  Otherwise, settlement to the seller is made 30 days after the sale.


In the case of registrations received by Trottex until 15 February 2021, the fee per  horse is  SEK 10,000. All sellers at the auction must be members of ASVT. Upon  registration, a seller of more than four horses pays for the first four horses, with the  remaining registration fee is deducted upon settlement. In addition, there is a stake  fee of SEK 2,000 per horse for the auction race. The stake fee must be paid at the  same time as the registration fee is paid. For horses that are withdrawn in writing by  4 March 2021, a fee of SEK 1,000 per registered horse will be charged. For horses  that are withdrawn in writing by 26 March 2021, a fee of SEK 5,000 per registered  horse will be charged. For horses that are withdrawn in writing after 26 March  2021, a fee of SEK 20,000 per registered horse will be charged. If a horse is absent  due to an acute or contagious disease that can be substantiated by a veterinary  certificate issued by the district veterinarian and approved by Trottex and, in  addition, the horse is also registered for and completes the Kriterie Auction, no  commission will be charged beside the entry fee and the stake fee for the auction  race. If a horse is absent, the registration fee will be refunded only in the event of  the horse’s death. The entry fee must be paid at the same time as the withdrawal fee,  if any, or at the latest in connection with the settlement. The registration fee is  invoiced and must be paid without the need for a request within the time  specified on the invoice.  

** The auction may be moved or cancelled following a unilateral decision by  Trottex. If a new auction cannot be held within two months of the scheduled time,  the auction agreement will expire between the parties. ** Trottex will not be liable  for any direct or consequential damage in the event the auction is cancelled or  moved. 


No commission will be charged to the seller on the hammered sales amount. In the  event of a recall, a recall commission of 10% will be added for the part of the recall  amount,excluding VAT, that is in excess of SEK 300 000.  


All warmblood trotters that were been included in Trottex auction catalogues as  yearlings and for whom the stakes have been paid are eligible for the auction race.  The amount of the stakes and time when those must be paid are included in the  terms and conditions for the auction. Auction races will be held at Solvalla during  the Kriterie week for two-year-olds and during Elitloppet week for three-year-olds.  For both two- and three-year-olds there will be a stallion/gelding class and a mare  class. In case too many horses are registered for the races, Trottex and Solvalla may  decide to divide the races, as well as the purse. The races can only be divided once.  If after the division there are still too many horses, the selection will take place  according to ST’s rules. If the races do not have full registration, Trottex and  Solvalla reserve the right to merge the open class and the mare class into one race.  Other terms of the auction races will be determined by the rules of the races. 


The buyer is responsible for the horse being collected within 14 days of the auction.  A seller is not obligated to release the horse until Trottex has received payment  unless the buyer has obtained special approval from Trottex (“Green Card”). If the  horse is not picked up in a timely manner and this delay is due to the buyer or any  fact or circumstance related to the buyer, the risk of loss passes to the buyer once  the seller has fulfilled his or her obligations required in order for the hand-over of  the horse to take place.. In the event of a delay in picking up the horse,the buyer  shall reimburse the seller for the maintenance and care of the horse, in the amount  of SEK 500 per day for as long as the delay persists. The buyer is aware that he or  she will not be protected against the creditors of the seller until the handover takes  place.  

Since the buyer has not always had the opportunity to examine the horse before the  purchase, the buyer has the right to cite defects that would have been found by a  normal inspection, and which jeopardize the horse’s usefulness as a racehorse or  breeding stock. The seller is responsible for the costs of the horse up to the  handover. The risk of loss for the horse passes at the time of the handover.  

The buyer must carry out a veterinary inspection/X-ray within 14 days of the  handover, provided that delivery has been made within 14 days of purchase and in  any case, not later than within 28 days of purchase. If the handover takes place later  than 14 days from the purchase and this is due to the seller, the period will be 14  days from the handover. If a veterinary examination reveals defects, which are not  stated on the certificate submitted or if the buyer finds other defects, that according  to what is stated above, may be cited, a written complaints must be directed to  Trottex within the same time. Any rights to commence an action for defects – including hidden defects – shall lapse if the buyer does not make a complaint in this  way within the specified time, except in the event that the seller’s behaved  dishonestly. Regardless of the time limit stated above, the buyer has the right to an  extended warranty period if the horse has tested positive for use of anabolic  steroids. This applies provided that the buyer has caused a sample to be taken for  analysis within 14 days of the auction and submitted a written complaint within 74  days of the auction. Any dispute will be carried on directly between the buyer and  the seller. The seller is not responsible for damage suffered by other animals or  humans through infectious disease, which the animal had at the time of delivery and  which the seller did not notice or would have been able to notice upon careful  examination in connection with delivery. If the horse is returned, the cost of  

transport shall be paid to the seller by the bidder/buyer. Other costs incurred after  the delivery of the horse, such as training fees, board and similar expenses will be  paid until the return by the buyer. Information and veterinary certificates are only  indicative for the purchaser and do not relieve the buyer of his or her duty of due  diligence.  


Payment shall be made to Trottex as invoiced with 14 days’ credit. In case of a  delay in payment, penalty interest will be charged at a rate of 16 per cent from the  due date of the invoice. Title to the horse passes to the buyer when payment in full  has been made. The buyer should therefore take out insurance for the horse that is  valid from the handover. If the horse is not delivered in a timely manner and this  delay is due to the buyer or any fact or circumstance related to the buyer, the risk of  loss passes to the buyer once the seller has fulfilled his or her obligations required in  order for the hand-over to take place.. The buyer is aware that he or she will not be  protected against the creditors of the seller until the handover takes place.  

If the price of the horse has not been paid by seven days after the due date  indicated on the invoice, Trottex has the right to take the following measures: 1)  Cancel the purchase. If the purchase is cancelled, the buyer is required to pay  damages equal to 10% of the purchase price, but not less than SEK 20,000, 2)  Collect the claim with Trottex acting as the agent of the seller with the right to  claim full compensation from the buyer for the costs of collection. 


The buyer will be charged the purchase price plus an additional 5% of the purchase  price as a hammer price commission, with VAT added to the total. The hammer  price commission goes to Trottex.  


The Seller reserves the right to repossess sold animals and any offspring they may  have until payment in full has been made. This reservation of title passes to Trottex  in cases where Trottex has extended credit, until the buyer has paid in full. The  horse will not be handed over payment in full has been made. 


An export fee will be added in the case of foreign buyers who choose to export the  horse. The export fee shall be paid to Svensk Travsport. In the case of foreign  buyers who remove the horse from Sweden within one month of the auction date  and who have announced to Trottex that the horse is to be exported, the VAT will  be refunded when the exit certificate has been received by Trottex, provided that the  exit certificate has been received by Trottex no later than 30 days after the auction  date and provided that the law allows VAT-exempt exports. 


The buyer of racing rights undertakes to have the mare undergo Swedish  professional training unless otherwise agreed with the seller. After the end of the  mare’s racing career, but no later than after the five-year term, the mare must be  returned to the seller for breeding purposes and thus end her racing career.  However, if the mare is deemed to have excellent chances to continue racing after  the end of the five-year term, the seller and the buyer may agree on continued  racing activities, for example by the buyer continuing to lease the mare for racing  purposes. The seller shall not be entitled to enter into a similar agreement with  another party without the approval of the buyer. The mare is being sold as is and  according to the auction terms and conditions specified for the Elite Auction. The  buyer is required to keep the horse insured until payment in full has been made. If  the seller chooses to continue to maintain life insurance on the mare, the buyer must  be notified of this.. The buyer has the right to insure the mare during her training  and racing career. The buyer is prohibited from covering, transferring, exchanging,  pledging or otherwise disposing of the mare during her racing career. The buyer  shall bear the risk of loss of the mare, during the period from the hand-over until the  mare is returned to the seller, and shall be responsible for all additional costs for the  mare and for any damage the mare may cause the seller or third party.  


Swedish law shall apply both to relations between Trottex and sellers and buyers, as  well as relations between a seller and a buyer. The International Sale of Goods Act  does not apply. Disputes shall be settled by a Swedish court of general jurisdiction.  

All amounts are exclusive of VAT. VAT will be added.

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